Let's do this! 

  • To feel supported in their physical and mental education
  • To nurture the mind, body, and spirit
  • To push everyone to a new level physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • To have fun exploring and playing! 

Our main goals at TTF for our students are:

Your fitness journey begins here.

Our Bo Staff class is offered to everyone ages 13 and above. There is a drop-in fee of $25 for non-contract members. The Bo Staff must be purchased from our facility for $45.

We offer invite-only Olympic sparring to strengthen skills in power and self-confidence.

Olympic Sparring


This is a high-impact class teaching proper forms, defense, offense, and safety skills offered to people ages 14 and above. Whether you’re training for competition-level skills or looking for optimal health benefits, we have a class for you.



This class is for little tigers (Age 5), teens, and adults looking to work towards a black belt. We offer classes for varying ages and belt ranks.

Martial Arts



Weapons Training (Bo Staff) 

A quick overview of what we offer in our facility:

Don't just take our word for it 

Tony Herrman

My children have been with TTF since June 2020. The staff there is great! They are very knowledgeable, polite, and safety oriented. I have seen growth in my children in maturity, confidence, respect, and agility both in and out of the Dojang.

Tiffany Sims

This is somewhere you can take classes as a family or watch your children. The instructors are amazing and make you feel welcomed. Your children will gain self confidence and sense of belonging.

Naomi Hyatt

We love TTF so much! Our kiddo has had a huge boost in his self esteem and discipline. The instructors meet kids where they need and are supportive and fun!

With her extensive career victories, lifelong knowledge, and dedication to wellness, Master Christina Bayley offers her expertise and hands-on skills to the public and in a group setting. Whether you have a group or class that needs motivation or a real-life example of how to incorporate self-defense or fitness into their lives, she is here to lead the way to change! 

Master Bayley offers speaking
engagements & events!

SWERK dance fitness

Come play and sweat. This class is offered to everyone ages 14 and above. We take an intense and fun approach to moving our bodies with good music.

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